Katrina Fanning PSM


Katrina is a Wiradjuri woman and a director at Coolamon Advisors, she provides a broad range of expertise across Government Policy and Operations, including a deep understanding and proven capability across Indigenous areas. Katrina has deep public sector experience at SES levels and has been responsible for leading complex operational and policy activities for a number of organisations.

Coolamon Advisors is focused on specialist support in the design, management, delivery, and evaluation of Government Policy and Programs. The team has a strong capability in Government Operations, including Procurement, Monitoring and Evaluation, Stakeholder Engagement, and Negotiation.

Coolamon Advisors have a particular interest and a proven capability in Indigenous Programs and Policy and bring a rare level of experience and credibility in all areas of Indigenous Policy.

Most recently, Katrina was the General Manager of Operations and also the General Manager of Strategy, Innovation, and People at Aboriginal Hostels www.ahl.gov.au. In these broad roles, Katrina supported the board and CEO in undertaking the planning and execution of activities for AHL across Australia. Key to these roles was the continual innovation and improvement of the AHL delivery model through the identification of new business opportunities, enhancement of staff capability, the continual management of risk, and effective engagement with a broad stakeholder group.

Katrina Fanning PSM